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    Tomorrow, 1st General Order, and Party Officer Positions


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    Tomorrow, 1st General Order, and Party Officer Positions

    Post  jdohring3 on Sat Nov 13, 2010 9:44 pm

    Tomorrow remember to vote for me in the party elections, because i assume that i will win below is the 1st General Order I will be giving out to our party as well as the job descriptions for the party officers. If you are interested in an officer position, either reply or send me a PM.


    1St General Order

    -All Technocratics shall move to the State of Nevada. The mission is to boost their population, which is around 30. With our added numbers the Technocratic party will make their move to elect a Congress member from this state. With this Congress member working in the eUSA government we will begin to make more of an impact on the decisions our government is making. The State of Nevada will be the capital for the Technocratic party. Request for a moving ticket to move to the State of Nevada shall be directly sent to the Party President by a PM on eRep. Once the request is made your moving ticket will be given to you in 1-3 days.


    Party Officer Positions and Job Descriptions:

    Party Vice President:

    -Help the Party President lead the party, and works with the HRC and the HPC to build up population of the party as well as involvement.

    Head Recruiter Chairman:

    -Helps to make decisions of how to go about recruiting.
    -Reports directly to the VP, unless given orders directly from the Party President.
    -May make junior officers to help them with the job of recruiting, these officers will report directly to the HRC.

    Head Propaganda Chairman:

    -Makes propaganda images for the HRC.
    -Reports directly to the VP, unless given orders directly from the Party President.
    -All propaganda images should be posted on the forum upon completion of the propaganda image.
    -Specialized propaganda images may be requested by both the HRC and the Party President

    Head Militia Chairman:

    -Follows orders from the Party President and directly reports to the Party President.
    -May request for weapons and food for militia from the Party President and the Party Vice President.
    -Runs the militia as he or she sees fit, this includes but is not limited to mass attacks, movement of troops to other states or countries and distribution of weapons.

    Please remember to use the forums regularly and read my newspaper. Also when requesting for a moving ticket, remember to tell me what the moving distance is.

    Until next time,
    Technocratic Party President

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    Re: Tomorrow, 1st General Order, and Party Officer Positions

    Post  superpieguy on Tue Nov 23, 2010 5:27 pm

    Understood, although I will not be able to move to that selected state.

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