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    Party Goals


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    Party Goals

    Post  Admin on Thu Mar 04, 2010 4:59 pm

    The goal of the Technocratic Party of America is to assist in placing qualified candidates on the ballots for elected public offices. The party does not hold any political stances other than the eUS is awesome and we want more fun injected into the game through the use of sci-fi imagery and language in our official government organizations and statements.

    Fun, whether it be in game or out of the game. should be promoted to hopefully encourage retention [and, because, it's fun]. Economically, the party aims to help upstarts looking to get their business off the ground. We do not hold particular views regarding how free markets in the eUS should be. That is for you to decide and whatever you believe, we will support you into Congress if you can put forth a coherent platform and market yourself to the population. We can help you reach such requirements as well.

    On Foreign Policy, the party supports war [lots of war] and working with alliances [who doesn't?]. We also accept doves in the party and you can take your peace loving self to Congress under our banner if you like. Another of the party's aims is to become large enough to have a big impact on the American political scene. The party wants to improve the New World!

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