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    Helpful links (all of them)


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    Helpful links (all of them)

    Post  Admin on Sat Apr 24, 2010 11:24 pm

    All of these links contain useful information that will allow eRepublik beginners to understand game mechanics, take advantage of game modules, and establish themselves as successful eUS citizens.

    Basic survival:

    Understanding fighting in eRepublik:

    Joining the eUS military (standards and links to applications):

    Info about newspapers:

    Info about companies:

    This is a link to an in-game article on companies.

    Information about Political Parties:

    The application for government jobs.

    Join the Real (actually useful) eUS forums!

    Official Technocratic Party Organization:

    Official Technocratic Party Newspaper:

    Technocrat IRC Channel:

    Other Interesting eRepublik IRC Channels:
    #eUS - official US IRC channel
    #eus-congress - self-explanatory
    #usa-noobs - newbie help - eSpain
    #ecan - eCanada
    #ausrep - eAustralia
    #theocratic_diplomacy - Theocracy
    #e-ireland - eIreland

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