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    Cabinet: June-July

    Dan Wang
    Dan Wang

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    Cabinet: June-July

    Post  Dan Wang on Thu Jun 17, 2010 12:13 am

    Cabinet Members:
    PP: Herr Nicholas
    PA (Presidential Adviser): Pheno Sony
    VPP: Justin McCravok
    - Chief of Staff: Kazeal

    Secretary of Elections: Justin McCravok
    - Chief Coordinator: Illithian

    Secretary of Members:Doe22
    - Chief of Members: Xx-Calibur-Xx
    - Chief Librarian: Deleruin

    Secretary of Recruitment: Herr Nicholas
    - Chief of Recruitment: Amaury Seches
    - Chief of Recruitment: Hakael

    Secretary of Publications: Syrup
    -Chief of Publications: Athanaric
    -Chief of Publications: Chosen by Secretary

    Secretary of Communications: KillerAtLarge
    - Chief of Shout Squad: B. L. Mogarddon
    - Chief of Inter-Party Ambassadors: Dan Wang

    Secretary of Education: NeilP99
    - Chief of Education: Chosen by Secretary

    Secretary of Technology: AndraX2000/Chris Shnitzel

    Secretary of Business: Chris Shnitzel
    -Chief of Business: Chosen by Secretary

    Secretary of FUN: Lucus Casius

    Commander of the UIP Militia: Kazeal
    -Chief of the UIP Militia: Pheno Sony

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