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    Do you want to run for Congress?


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    Do you want to run for Congress?

    Post  Shinybluepope on Tue Jun 08, 2010 9:56 am

    I just received this message from the APF about running members for Congress. I always am open to running anyone from our party, regardless of their politics, as long as they are competent, meet the requirements listed below, and aim to represent the party's "culture." If you are interested, contact me in game.

    I am writing to you as the Chief of Staff for the APF. With nearly sixty regions we are going to run as many "6th Party Candidates as possible and would like your party to submit some names to run under the APF banner. All applicants must meet the same standards as one of our own Candidates. Please have anyone in your party that is interested in running for office fill out the form below. They will be contacted by one of our elections team for a brief interview. All Candidates will be expected to undergo a background check and write a presentation. All will be expected to have at least a basic understanding of our congress and what is expected of our Senators. Please contact me directly in game or irc for more info.

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