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    IRC games!

    Pheno Sony
    Pheno Sony

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    IRC games!

    Post  Pheno Sony on Sat Jun 05, 2010 1:00 am

    Greetings! I know the feeling of sitting in an IRC channel, bored enough to shove pencils into your SKULL. That was when i found out that there are user made games on IRC! Just join the channel and do the appropriate things and you'll be playing in no time! To join the room, simply type into IRC /join #WHATEVER THE ROOM NAME IS. Here's a few of them:

    #yankgame : Yankgame is pretty freaking sweet. If anyone know what mafia is, its sort of like that. There are about 5 roles a player can be, ranging from a citizen to the bad guy! Also there are different themes. The point of the game is to catch the bad guy before he catches you. AND KILLS YOU!

    #mafia : This is simeler to Yankgame, but WAAAAAY more complex. In this game, a game where all the roles are taken has up to 21 people playing. THATS ALOT! You become roles ranging from the mafia, to a doctor, to a homeless person, to even a lawyer! Good luck figuring out everything!

    #a2a : This game is Apples to Apples! If you dont know what that is, its an real life card game. Basically, an adjective is placed down for a player, and you have 7 nouns in your hand. You put down a noun to either accurately describe the adjective, or just to be silly!

    There you go! Happy playing!

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