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    IRC Directions and Commands


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    IRC Directions and Commands

    Post  Admin on Sun May 16, 2010 11:57 pm

    Anything not covered in here can be found here:

    How to register your nickname [you want to register it, if you want to have operator status in a channel or form your own channel]:

    [type this in your chat bar - where you would typically type to chat]

    /msg nickserv register PasswordYouWanToUse EmailOfYourChoice

    /msg nickserv register mypassword

    You'll then get an email at the address you selected - the email will contain a confirmation code which you then use in the following command:

    /msg nickserv confirm ConfirmationCodeYouReceived

    Every time you get on the chat after that - you can log in by typing:

    /ns identify PasswordYouChose

    Other Commands:

    If your name is Tim on the chat, but you want to let everyone that you are away, you can type: /nick Tim^Away
    Your name will now be "Tim^Away". It works too if you want to change your name entirely.

    Assuming your name is still Tim, and you type in /me is angry at Billy - it will read on the chat as: "Tim is angry at Billy"

    Typing /help will open a new tab or window which has various helpful links for the rizon server - it should help you with any other difficulties you may be having with the chat.

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