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    Propaganda/Newspaper Initiative


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    Propaganda/Newspaper Initiative

    Post  Shinybluepope on Thu Apr 29, 2010 10:02 am

    So I am thinking a propaganda/newspaper initiative might be fun for all involved. This would not be a mass media mogul project. That would just be a failed effort. Even the Entente's attempt at doing an MMM project failed miserably. No, this would simply be a party wide effort where anyone interested in having a paper could be referred to a tutorial I am about to write on how to develop a nice looking newspaper. From there, hopefully we can cross promote each other and subscribe/vote each other's papers up. Hopefully a bit of party propaganda can be included in everyone's articles. At the very least, a list of links to party related things. You can find an example of the minimal propaganda I have in mind by clicking on the link below. I believe this will encourage players to become more active, more engaged with their party comrades, and more recognized amongst the general eUS population.

    I am also thinking that we could use the Party gold banks to promote articles from newspapers involved in this initiative. It depends on how many people are interested. Patronage does seem to breed loyalty though.

    P.S.: I know joining the forums and taking a gander at what is going on from time to time seems like a pain but if we get the ball rolling, it should end up being a lot of fun.

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