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    Technocratic PP Interview 8/12


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    Technocratic PP Interview 8/12

    Post  jdohring3 on Tue Aug 14, 2012 5:18 pm

    I know that elections are tomorrow, but I've asked the three members running a few questions and here are their responses to my questions:


    What are your plans for the recruitment of new players into the party?
    1: Establish a party "mission" that gives every member the opportunity to participate and contribute.
    2: Engage potential and existing party members through private messages, shouts, and articles to build enthusiasm for the party's goals
    3: Collaborate with players in other parties who have made contributions relevant to our mission, and use their exposure to spread the party's message.

    What are your plans for how the party will be run and interact with the top 5?
    No sacred cows! Take nothing seriously, especially ourselves, and use current events, party and faction squabbles, and military actions to create an entertaining and relevant dialog with other party representatives, especially when we find topics that are sensitive or "taboo" in other contexts.

    Will there be any plans to gain a congressional seat for a party member?
    I would like to establish a pool of mobile voters who are willing to help us either get a party member elected or fend of the numerous PTO threats facing our nation. ATO activity always takes priority over partisan politics, so I would only ask those voters to support our candidate (who would obviously be running on top five party's ticket) if all other elections were secure.

    At the end of your term, where do you believe the party will be?
    Perhaps not more powerful, but certainly better known, and with a reputation for good-natured but irreverant mockery of the nation and its politics!

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